A Note on My Lengthy Hiatus

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

While I do want to refrain from becoming overly personal in this blog (aside from interjecting my opinions on the urban landscape and artists, of course), I must admit that it’s become somewhat difficult to ignore the fact that I’ve taken a rather long hiatus relatively early into this blog’s lifespan. So let me take a moment to quickly explain: what with interviews for graduate schools in London in the Spring (I’ve been accepted and will be moving there in time for Fall 2011, just so you know), getting sucked into the World Cup this Summer (shoutout to Unsere Jungs, DFB ’10), and starting a new full-time job this Fall, as well as trying to actively engage in some semblance of a social life (I am, after all, leaving my lifelong home of NYC in less than a year), I’ve been rather busy. Therefore, my idealism in regards to updating this blog every week with an in-depth and somewhat academic review (and not merely “check this out” or picture posts) had been long since blasted to smithereens.

Each time I did get an urge to update this blog during one of life’s brief pauses, I became painfully disheartened by the fact that I hadn’t updated in such a long while, and soon gave up hope entirely for this now-defunct blog. However, as things came to settle down in my life (probably the calm before another storm), and with the gentle urging from a good friend from University whom I saw this past weekend, I have become excited to post once more, especially now that I have fully accepted that there is no way I will be able to update as often as I would like, and that I will nearly never be able to stay one step ahead of the urban art scene…

Unfortunately, in the course of this hiatus, I have missed a host of exhibitions, book releases, new documentaries, and events that I did want to discuss as they occurred, such as the closing of Deitch galleries this past summer, the reopening of 5 Pointz and their International Meeting of Styles this past fall, the release of Banksy’s movie “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” as well as a host of events from just this past weekend, such as the Trespass book launch, the “stickers” launch party, the Art In Odd Places lecture, the Conflux festival, the re:form school…NYC being the delta of the urban art scene that it is…the list goes on and on. Because I still want to discuss them, future articles posted will be more of a retrospective rather than current news.

So, dear friend, please excuse my extended absence, and know that I haven’t forgotten about the ever-changing street art scene, and that I am currently researching some articles to go up as soon as possible!


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