Movies and Films You Might Be Interested In

Throughout the years, there’s been no shortage of films about the urban visual landscape. Here’s a selection of some interesting films that I personally enjoy, sorted by year (most recent being at the top). This list includes documentaries with artist commentary and footage from a variety of cities, as well as a few movies, which are works of fiction featuring graffiti. Most are available to torrent, but if you don’t want to download, I’ve provided links to other sites that will provide the movie streaming in whole or in parts for many of the movies. Check out the trailers to see if you find any of them as interesting as I do!

Unlike U: Trainwriting in Berlin (2010)

Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes of David Choe (2010)

70s Kids (2010)
Watch it here

Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)

My Review

Metagraffiti (2009)

Watch it here

Just to Get A Rep (2009)

Graffiti Research Lab, the Complete First Season (2008)
Watch it here

Marc Eckō’s Getting Up (2008)
Watch it here

Alter Ego: A Worldwide Documentary About Graffiti Writing (2008)

Roadsworth: Crossing the Line (2008)

Stencil It (2008)

Rash: Scratch it and it Spreads (2007)

Spraymasters (2007)

Show Must Go On 2 (2007)

Watch it here

Helvetica (2007)

My review

Bomb It (2007)

Watch it here

Dirty Handz (2006-2007)

Wholetrain (2006)

Watch it here

Kings and Toys (2006)
Watch it here

Friendly Fire (2005)

Watch it here

Stockholm Subway Stories (2005)

Watch it here

Next: A Primer on Urban Culture (2005)

Piece by Piece (2005)

Watch it here

Infamy (2005)

Watch it here

The Graffiti Artist (2004)

Watch it here

Quality of Life (2004)
Watch it here

Bomb the System (2002)

Watch it here

Turk 182 (1985)

Style Wars (1983)
Watch it here

Wild Style (1983)

Watch it here

Stations of the Elevated (1981)
Watch it here

For more films and movies, visit:
Pure Graffiti
Dutch Damage


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